Red by Judy Sanclaria



by Judy Sanclaria

95” X 106”

Well-known quilt maker Freddy Moran often says, “red is a neutral.” Wanting to brighten up my bedroom a bit, but still wanting a neutral quilt, I decided to use the Red Velvet Carriage Robe quilt as my inspiration. Color is everything, right? I also wanted to experiment with an expansive negative space. There was no pattern, no complicated plan, just an idea and a basic sketch and lots of red. As the quilt grew I incorporated lots of scraps, made blocks, and ended up not using most of them. As something different, I made an upcycling decision to use small bits of an unknown fiber from an old safety vest and spell out “quilt love” in Morse code. That is the area that actually glows.

Christine Perrigo generously provided quilting as only she can. I went back and added some additional colorful bits in the binding and Red was born.