I Got Yo’ Back by Emily Smith and Lisa Riggs


I Got Yo’ Back

by Emily Smith and Lisa Riggs

60” X 60”

This work is a collaboration between friends who met at a women’s retreat at a challenging time in both of our lives. From that retreat and from each other, we learned how rehabilitating and soul-enriching women’s friendships can be.

After a journey through many art mediums, we interestingly both found our way to quilting around the same time. We enjoy the freedom, fun, and randomness of creating quilt backs, often following the structure and discipline required to create the top. The contrast is similar to what we gain from our girlfriends while dealing with the structure of our daily lives.

This quilt is a reflection of the two completely different perspectives and personalities that come together to create one piece (like a friendship). The curved line quilting is symbolic of the ups and downs and crazy turns we go through with the help of our friends.