Give and Take by Kari Vojtechovsky


Give and Take

by Kari Vojtechovsky

85” X 85”

As different as this quilt looks from Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, that was my starting inspiration. One component I enjoyed about the original pattern is the interlocking elements. I mimicked this in my design, although I streamlined my quilt to one large block. I also enjoy the way the curves break up the right angles of that quilt, so I chose to incorporate circles into my quilt. The surprising—and a little bit jarring—circle colors are purposely different from and bolder than the four harmonious main quadrant colors. My color selection was completely intuitive. Many of the fabrics are nearly solid so that the print is not the first thing noticed. The quilting was designed to enhance the minimalism of the piece. Christine Perrigo and I worked together to create this design and she did all the quilting. The quilted feathers are a nod to traditional quilting and add in a flowing element and an unexpected addition to the otherwise linear quilting. The quilt may be minimalist, but has its own quirky personality.