Crop Circles by Karen Brauer


Crop Circles

by Karen Brauer

43″ x 43″

There are many reasons that I like modern quilting. I love the negative space, the simplicity, the geometric shapes in blocks, the bright solids, and the improvisational nature of the design. I love to sit down with a stack of fabrics and just start sewing them together to see what comes out. I have been influenced by the Gee’s Bend quilts, geometric designs, and colors of nature.

This quilt was inspired by many flights over northeastern Colorado and other parts of the nation where crops need irrigation. I designed the quilt using design software EQ7. I love the colors of nature seen here; the brown and beige for the ground and the green for the growing crops. I live in Bennett, where I have a huge wheat field in back of my house. The golden color of the wheat is seen in my quilt as well.