Courthouse Greens by Marsha Loewenberg


Courthouse Greens

by Marsha Loewenberg

87” X 97”

As a first step to overcome a hesitancy in using improvisational piecing, I took a class from Jacquie Gering to learn her improv piecing theory and technique and how it could apply to the Courthouse Steps block. The process is amazingly freeing, and working with one of my favorite colors—lime green—was just fun. The Courthouse Steps block is a variation of the Log Cabin block, my inspiration to complete Courthouse Greens.

When it came to the design, I knew that I wanted the improv blocks to be scattered around the top of the quilt as it lay on the bed. To accomplish that, the block layout was designed right on the bed, and then transferred to a design wall. Piecing the improv background was the biggest challenge. Patience and careful measuring were important to successfully accomplish partial seams and a 90-degree seam. Christine Perrigo created and executed this original quilting design, which incorporates design elements from the other inspiration quilts in this exhibit. To stay true to the inspiration quilt, there are also some Log Cabin-style blocks in this quilt.