Circling the Square by Anne Deister


Circling the Square

by Anne Deister

52″ x 52″

This piece is an exploration of the Drunkard’s Path block. I wanted to investigate a non-traditional use of the block and examine the quarter-circle shape as a strong design element. Intrigued by how many design possibilities exist within this simple shape, I arranged the blocks to create new positive shapes. At the same time, I paid close attention to how I could manipulate the resulting negative spaces. At this point, the central negative square and the surrounding smaller squares became an additional focal point, raising the question of whether it is a composition of circles or squares, positive or negative.

The negative central square is the only area where a solid fabric is used, subtly reinforcing the question of whether the square is a shape or a void. In contrast, the red circle is the only complete circle in the entire design. A tension is created between the red circle and the center square which asks again, is it a composition of circles or squares?